Arborist Insurance: Also Known As Tree Surgery Insurance


The world has evolved into a very dynamic and prolific place. It has even come to a point that we need very specific people to do very specific tasks. And one of these very specific jobs is tree surgery. Yikes! Even trees have surgeons now? Yes. And this field of biology (or is it medicine, perhaps?) has even become so developed to a point that in the United Kingdom, there has been a burgeoning of tree surgery insurance and tree surgeon insurance. And the former, I would like to coin arbor insurance.

Arbor insurance comes from two words: arboriculture and of course, insurance. Arboriculture is a more scientific term for tree surgery, which is the science of maintaining the health of trees and since everyone knows what insurance is, I don’t think I have to define that one. So arborinsurance is tree surgery insurance. And what do companies that offer tree surgery and tree surgeon insurance provide? Well, some basic insurance coverage and a lot more.

Like other insurance companies that cover other career aspects, you can avail of employers’ liability and professional indemnity policies when you get a tree surgery insurance. For the not so knowledgeable about insurances policies, employers’ liability is a policy which covers accidental injuries or bodily harm to tree surgeons and such when they get injured during work. A tree surgeon has its own identified job risks and hazards ranging from broken bones because of falling while checking a tree from a certain height or getting injured by a dead branch that had to be cut off. As for public and products liability, it would be the other way around. This policy is for the protection of the public and public properties which may get damaged due to tree surgery activities. Some of the policies that may be included in a tree surgery or tree surgeon’s insurance are more specific and offered only for these types of insurances. One policy that is being offered is usually termed as plant and machinery insurance coverage.  This is now being included by most insurance companies that offer tree surgery and tree surgeon insurance because loss of plant life can be distressing and loss of machinery and equipment can be even more distressing because these equipment are quite expensive. Tree surgeon tools are not limited only to shovels and watering cans. Remember, they are not gardeners. They usually do heavy duty stuff and would be needing equipment like chainsaws, wood shredders and even climbing equipment.

The good thing about tree surgery and tree surgeon insurances, though, is they do not cost a lot. Why, you might even find one at a very low price. If you are interested in getting this kind of insurance (if you are a tree surgeon, on a tree surgeon course or you are in the tree surgery business), shop online first for the best policy with the best rates and the one that provides the best customer service. Do not decide immediately and always read the fine print before signing.