Makeup Artist Insurance – is it Really Important?



Every job and business is different, and being a makeup artist is far different from any other corporate business. You might be asking yourself if it is really important to have insurance.

Yes, insurance really does matter. For one thing, makeup artist insurance helps not only you as the business owner, but your clients as well. It is your responsibility as the owner to equip your business with all kinds of insurances, from professional indemnity to public liability, fire insurances, equipment and theft insurances.  Makeup artist insurance is applicable to all makeup artists, whether working in a salon, or doing home to home services, or even during an event, where your services are needed.

There are thousands or even millions of people around the globe that use makeup to enhance their beauty. People also spend lots of money just to enhance their look – either through natural treatment or by medical treatment. As a professional makeup artist, who probably receives a high compensation, you mostly can afford to buy insurance, especially with today’s generation, that all things now pass through legal proceedings. What if you accidentally caused damage or unintentionally injured your client, what may happen next will lead to you being sued. Even if you consider yourself as an expert and for many years of working as a makeup artist you have never encounter an accident, however, you can’t predict what will happen tomorrow, nor can you prevent anything to go wrong. Tendency would be, if you don’t have any insurance, you will be paying a huge amount of money from your own savings and of course liability claims are very expensive. It would be a total loss and waste of good money that you save up for your future. And the worst thing is, you might never be able to get back on your feet.

Your clients trusted you when they asked for your services; they trusted you to take good care of them while they are at your care. In return, you also have to make sure that your clients are in good hands. When you have insurance, you can have a peace of mind that you are protected in case something, which you can’t prevent, will happen.

It is better to be prepared than nothing at all and be like a hopeless puppy when something accidently happens and you might end up losing your business too, if you don’t hurry now and secure your business by applying for makeup artist insurance.

Makeup artist insurance does not only help you but to your clients and employees as well. In having a business, either freelance jobs or not, there maybe also a higher risk that your employees will be also injured. As a business owner, your concern does not only cover your business, to your clients but most especially to your employees. What if your staff gets into an accident by working in your premises, has an allergic reaction when using one of your products, or get stuck by any natural calamities.