Motor Trade Insurance


Ways to Avoid Scam with Fake Motor Trade Insurance Getting involved in motor trade business soon? Or are you already running the business now, but you feel that there is something lacking in it? Have you ever thought of insuring your business in order to protect your assets? If not, you must do so now. […]


Chauffeur Insurance: To Get or Not To Get One

Chauffeur Insurance

There’s a quote by Suze Orman that says: “If a child, a spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance.” (Suze Orman, by the way, is a well known American author and TV host). If, as a business owner of a chauffeur service, you treat your […]


Makeup Artist Insurance – is it Really Important?


  Every job and business is different, and being a makeup artist is far different from any other corporate business. You might be asking yourself if it is really important to have insurance. Yes, insurance really does matter. For one thing, makeup artist insurance helps not only you as the business owner, but your clients […]


Arborinsurance: Tree Surgery Insurance


The world has evolved into a very dynamic and prolific place. It has even come to a point that we need very specific people to do very specific tasks. And one of these very specific jobs is tree surgery. Yikes! Even trees have surgeons now? Yes. And this field of biology (or is it medicine, […]